--my whole name is
Renz Maron Garcia Gozon
--a Senior of Juan G. Macaraeg National Highschool
--started breathing since June 21,1996
--i can dance and sing(but not too much in singing)
--i love playing volley ball
--i can easily make friends
--i'm soo sweet daw?
--i'm tall cv nila
--i'm super talkative
--i love flowers especially tulips
--i love chocolates
--i love all beverages
--i'm a fan of havaianas
--i'm a car addict
--a movie freak
--i'm god fearing
--a serious gamer and a true lover
--i dig myself into arts
--i am 50% concious
--and 30% sub concious
--i'm an angel in disguise
--i was formed thru fertilization
--Im a dog lover!!!
--i am proud to be pinoy
-- i am a shy type of guy...
-- my brain consits of 75% of water
-- and 25% air... haha
--a movie freak!
--i am a shy type of guy...
--who only has the 33.33% gutts to bring the best out of me...
--i am an actor... who tries to be happy when lonely.
-- i am a songer... who sings wholeheartedly...
--i am a dancer...who does his best to make every1 entertained..
--i hate people with big mouth...
--i was born to make u happy..haha..
--trying hard to play guitar
--i love color yellow .. i dont know why ..
--i love txting .. but i hate it when i dont have any load .. hahaha ..
--i don`t know why i`m attracted to chinitas ...

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#Beyonce #wearing #MichaelCinco

#Beyonce #wearing #MichaelCinco


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